Simulatore VR Unic mini-crane.

Project Name: Virtual Reality Training Simulator of a Unic mini-crane.

Objective: Create a complete simulation of the C/URW 095 Unic mini crane, to aid the training process of future crane operators.

 Technology used: Oculus Rift, Razer Hydra, custom made software by 3dMatrix.


  VR Simulator Features:

·         Switch between 3d mode and VR mode

·         3 different scenarios.( Rooftop, country side, different outrigger setups.)

·         3 control modes.(main controls, locomotion setup and remote control mode.)

·         Simulation of the complete set of levers and switches of the specific crane.

·         Communication with the outside world through a webcam floating screen.

·         Two different load types(300kg and 600kg.)

·         Slope sensing abilities.(Turn over when specific slope values are exceeded.)

·         Full set of visual and acoustical alarms when loss of stability is detected.

·         Crane movement blocks according to specific alarms.

·         Vocal warnings.

·         Analog lever control where it is required.

·         Real time torque calculation to determine maximum load values.